Verdant Skies


Verdant Skies is a life simulation game born from a love for games like Harvest Moon and a desire to create something unique with modern gameplay and deep storytelling. Lose yourself in the lovingly hand-painted alien world of Viridis Primus. Ensure the success of the colony as you make friends and pursue romance with a diverse cast of characters. Demonstrate your mastery of the farming system by creating the perfect crop hybrid using the genetic splicing machine – or spend your days painting and making pottery. The possibilities are endless!


My Role

I serve as Producer and Lead Narrative Designer for this project. In my Producer role, I am responsible for managing the team to ensure we hit our milestone deadlines. As Narrative Designer, I approve the design for characters and game mechanics so that they support the narrative vision. I also write most of the dialogue, and edit and implement the technical calls for dialogue produced by our guest writers.

I also wear additional hats including QA testing, social media content management, and community outreach.