Ua Shortline Agreement

13 4. For every worker with five (5) employees, the employer may transfer an assistant from the territory of a local association to another local association. When additional assistance is required, the employer asks the local municipality for additional assistance. 5. The employer communicates by telephone the transfer of workers under the previous paragraphs and confirms it in writing by listing the names and social security numbers of workers transferred within forty-eight (48) hours. The local union shipping office confirms receipt of the written notification by text message and can re-send the workers at the request of the union. 6. Any violation of this provision may, by a decision of the Joint Conference Committee, oppose the contractor or the local Union from withdrawing this transfer provision for a period of no more than ninety days for the first offence. H. UNION RIGHT TO THE DEMAND OF INFORMATION ON EMPLOIS – Contractors agree that the Union has the right to ask each employer to obtain information on the location of all work performed by that individual employer in the state. Individual employers agree to pass the information on to the EU as soon as such a request is received. I. The employer undertakes to immediately notify the local union before it initiates an organization under the terms of this agreement.

It is a violation of this agreement to issue an order without notice or pre-employment conference. ARTICLE 8 GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE A. ORGANIZATION AND FUNCTIONS OF JOINT CONFERENCE BOARD: The intention of the contracting parties is to resolve problems that may arise at the local level. However, in order to create ways to interpret and apply this Agreement consistently with respect to a provision on which the parties are or are arguing in your interest, the parties act as follows: 1. TIMELINESS: All claims must be filed within a fortnight from the date of appearance. All complaints, disputes or disputes that arise between contractors` supervisory staff and union representatives on the ground are resolved, as far as possible, in the workplace, provided that these comparisons do not change the wages, conditions and conditions of this agreement. All employers who sign this agreement and who are not members of a contracting association who are signatories are subject to all the conditions of this agreement and are subject to the procedures set out in this article. one. Any employee who thinks he has a complaint must first deal with the matter with his foreman and the steward position. B. If the case is not satisfactorily adjusted during this procedure, the complaint is referred to the Superintendent.

The job steward, the superintendent and Foreman will try to resolve the complaint. c. If the matter is not resolved at this level, it is referred to the representative of the Union and the employer`s representative. 11 The programme is subject to a collective agreement between the signatories and the Union. Our signatories cover all costs through hourly contributions to the Learning Fund. A foundation board manages the fund and sets the policy.