Supply Chain Non Disclosure Agreement

AST`s NDA manager has many adaptations that can help your business succeed in a sometimes complex environment of confidentiality agreements. Save energy with time-saving features such as an intelligent questionnaire that guides you through the required information and data directly integrated into the corresponding NDA model. The preconfigured reports provide an excellent overview of upcoming NDA expiration times, and the parallel document comparison feature provides an overview of all changes to the document. The NDA Manager application automates and accelerates the process of requirement, generation, verification, approval and tracking of NDA agreements with suppliers, customers, customers and partners. And it adapts to your business environment with configurable signing workflows and customizable NDA templates and the ability to directly import customer or partner agreements into the process. The obligations of this Agreement with respect to the Confidential Information of either Party shall terminate no later than (i) five (5) years from Customer`s acceptance of this Agreement or (ii) in the event that contracts or agreements are entered into between FedEx and Customer in connection with information disclosed under this Agreement, three (3) years after the date of termination or expiration of all such contracts and agreements. You can manage the entire trading process directly in the app. Internal and external parties can exclude existing documents or upload new ones so that legal teams can check, compare and update versions until a mutual agreement is reached. Do you work with offshore suppliers, partners, governments or customers? Adaptive NDA has a built-in option to initiate compliance, export control, or additional verifications. Sensitive or technical data and information controlled by ITAR may be marked for verification by additional auditors so that they can ensure that the corresponding licenses and agreements are in place….