Subject Verb Agreement From Dear Sir

Miss jasmine hello, dear Sir, since the last 4 to 5 days I have watched all the videos that are very useful for every conversation, when we talk about the 3rd person in English, so my point is, eager to know that of you to make a sentence with the help of this “each of them”. Thank you very much. . Good lesson, thank you. PS: Your avatar looks like an old Jake from Two and a Half Man I really like this course. Some of the mistakes you mentioned always happen to me. By studying the course, I can identify the topic and give the right answer! Thank you very much! I hope you have more grammar classes! Please explain my doubts. What rules can we apply??? “Everyone” is a singular pronoun. Since this is a simple question, you should use the singular third party for the verb “want”. As in “he wants”, “she wants”, etc. Nice chapter sir.