Roommate Broke Lease Agreement

If you can`t afford your place, you need to find another roommate. Even if you and other roommates think they`ve found one of them, your landlord has the last word. He will want to do background and credit checks for the new tenant, as he did with you and your former roommate. If he does not agree, he can veto your choice. However, where you live can make a difference. In San Francisco, for example, exchanging your roommate is your legal right. Your landlord can only refuse for a few specific reasons, for example. B if the candidate was expelled in her past. The most important thing first: check your lease before making hasty decisions. You and your roommate must each have your own individual lease, and on this agreement you will find out what the options are if one of you wants to break the lease (or proposes that the other be distributed).

Your lease gives you quick answers to your questions about whether or not you can remove a roommate from your lease. While you may be counting on your roommate who leaves and never comes back, they might still think they have the right to come back whenever they want, because their name was on the lease. Make sure there is a written agreement in which they move and waive their rights to housing. It is very likely that the locks will be changed. Be sure to consult with your landlord who will likely pay for this fee. Before you go to court, you may want to send your ex-roommate a letter of credence indicating what they owe you. The letter of credence also states that if you are not paid, you go to court. This letter must be sent by registered letter. Maybe that`s all it takes to get the money you`re owed.